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Section 00 Main topic menu
Section 01 Faculty instructions
Section 02 About this course
Section 03 Technnical help
Section 04 What is psychology

Learn About: Psychology Basics

Section 05 history of psychology
Section 06 contemporary psychology
Section 07 video intro to psychology
Section 08 careers in psychology
Section 09 psychological perspectives

Learn About: Psychological Research

Section 10 intro to psychological research
Section 11 why is research important
Section 12 approaches to research
Section 13 video psychological research
Section 14 analyzing findings
Section 15 ethics in psychology
Section 16 statistical thinking

Learn About: Biopsychology

Section 17 intro into biopsychology
Section 18 human genetics
Section 19 cells of the nervous system
Section 20 video the chemical mind
Section 21 parts of the nervous system
Section 22 the brain and spinal cord
Section 23 video getting to know your brain

Learn About: Sensation and Perception

Section 24 the endocrine system
Section 25 introduction 12
Section 26 sensation versus perception
Section 27 video sensation perception
Section 28 waves and wavelengths
Section 29 vision
Section 30 the other senses
Section 31 hearing
Section 32 video homunculus
Section 33 pain rehost images
Section 34 gestalt principles of perception
Section 35 perceiving is believing

Learn About: States of Consciousness

Section 36 intro to states of consciousness
Section 37 what is consciousness
Section 38 video consciousness
Section 39 sleep and why we sleep
Section 40 stages of sleep
Section 41 to sleep perchance to dream
Section 42 sleep problems and disorders
Section 43 substance use and abuse
Section 44 other states of consciousness
Section 45 video altered states

Learn About: Learning

Section 46 intro to learning
Section 47 what is learning
Section 48 classical conditioning
Section 49 operant conditioning
Section 50 reinforcement vs punishment
Section 51 how to train a brain
Section 52 video the bobo beatdown
Section 53 observational learning modeling

Learn About: Memory

Section 54 intro to memory
Section 55 how memory functions
Section 56 video how we make memories
Section 57 parts of the brain involved with memory
Section 58 problems with memory
Section 59 remembering and forgetting
Section 60 ways to enhance memory

Learn About: Thinking and Intelligence

Section 61 intro to thinking and intelligence
Section 62 what is cognition
Section 63 video cognition how your mind can amaze and betray you
Section 64 language
Section 65 video language
Section 66 problem solving
Section 67 what are intelligence and creativity
Section 68 video controversy of intelligence
Section 69 measures of intelligence
Section 70 the source of intelligence
Section 71 video brains vs bias

Learn About: Lifespan Development

Section 72 intro to lifespan development
Section 73 what is lifespan development
Section 74 lifespan theories psychosexual and psychosocial theories
Section 75 lifespan theories cognitive development
Section 76 video the growth of knowledge
Section 77 lifespan theories
Section 78 stages of development
Section 79 what do babies think
Section 80 video monkeys and morality
Section 81 video adolescence
Section 82 death and dying
Section 83 intro to motivation and emotion

Learn About: Motivation and Emotion

Section 84 motivation
Section 85 1270
Section 86 video the power of motivation
Section 87 hunger and eating
Section 88 video eating and body dysmorphic disorders
Section 89 sexual behavior
Section 90 video lets talk about sex
Section 91 video body language
Section 92 emotion
Section 93 video feeling all the feels

Learn About: Stress and Happiness

Section 94 intro to stress, lifestyle, and health
Section 95 what is stress
Section 96 stressors
Section 97 stress and illness
Section 98 regulation of stress
Section 99 the pursuit of happiness
Section 100 happiness the science of well being
Section 101 video emotion stress and health
Section 102 video how to make stress your friend

Learn About: Personality

Section 103 intro to personality
Section 104 what is personality
Section 105 freud and the psychodynamic perspective
Section 106 video rorschach freudians
Section 107 neo freudians adler erikson jung and horney
Section 108 learning approaches
Section 109 humanistic approaches
Section 110 biological approaches
Section 111 trait theorists
Section 112 cultural understandings of personality
Section 113 personality assessment
Section 114 video measuring personality

Learn About: Psychological Disorders

Section 115 intro to psychological disorders
Section 116 what are psychological disorders
Section 117 diagnosing and classifying psychological disorders
Section 118 perspectives on psychological disorders
Section 119 video psychological disorders
Section 120 anxiety disorders
Section 121 obsessive compulsive and related disorders
Section 122 video debunking myths of ocd
Section 123 video ocd anxiety disorders
Section 124 posttraumatic stress disorder
Section 125 video trauma addiction
Section 126 mood disorders
Section 127 video depressive and bipolar disorders
Section 128 schizophrenia
Section 129 dissociative disorders
Section 130 video schizophrenia dissociative disorders
Section 131 personality disorders
Section 132 video personality disorders
Section 133 disorders in childhood

Learn About: Therapy and Treatment

Section 134 intro to therapy and treatment
Section 135 mental health treatment past and present
Section 136 types of treatment
Section 137 video getting help psychotherapy
Section 138 video biomedical treatments
Section 139 treatment modalities
Section 140 substance related and addictive disorders a special case
Section 141 the sociocultural model and therapy utilization

Learn About: Social Psychology

Section 142 intro to solial psychology
Section 143 what is social psychology
Section 144 video social thinking
Section 145 self presentation
Section 146 attitudes and persuasion
Section 147 video first impressions
Section 148 conformity compliance and obedience
Section 149 video social influence
Section 150 prejudice and discrimination
Section 151 resources prejudices and stereotypes
Section 152 video prejudice discrimination
Section 153 aggression
Section 154 video aggression v altruism
Section 155 prosocial behavior

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