Activity 01

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Introduction (“Day 1”)


2:25 Instructions for Activity 1


Scroll down to find guidelines and suggestions for “Day 1” – topic introduction day. Our “Day 1” topic introductions are the core learning resource offered on this site. Each “Day 1” topic introduction includes a free downloadable topic-specific student handout and three curated videos. Each topic also offers a student debate option. All student material can be downloaded free. Even so, some instructors/schools may prefer to purchase the introduction workbooks out of convenience.

Note: While A few topics offer a topic-specific introduction instructor presentation, as of this date (10-18-2019) only a few topics have this. In the interim, use the generalized “Day 1” instructor presentation here:

Prepare Lesson 1 (or “Day 1”) for each topic

  • Select a topic to teach.
  • Click “Topics” under the main science subject.
  • Scroll down the page and click the topic of interest.
  • Print the “Student Handout” appearing with the topic.
  • Test the embedded videos and sound on your computer.
  • Review the “Compare Contrast and Debate” suggestion.

Teach Lesson 1 (or “Day 1”) Topic Introduction

  • Review class expectations or display “Day 1” Rubric to class.
  • Launch/display instructor presentation.
  • Introduce and display “Compare Contrast and Debate.”
  • Facilitate a brief class-wide discussion.
  • Distribute Student Handouts (these are pdf files launched from each topic page).
  • Play the short videos from each topic with student note-taking.
    • Display videos overhead.
    • Or, if students have laptops/Chromebooks – from their desk.
  • Briefly discuss student “take-away” from each video.
  • Direct students to complete the handout.
  • Confirm handouts are completed.
  • Debrief the topic introduction as a class.

NOTE: Honeycutt Science workbooks are available on Amazon. The workbooks contain the topic introduction material for each subject. The introduction material is downloadable and free from this site. Some instructors find it more convenient to purchase the workbooks to avoid standing in line at the copy machine. The workbooks also help minimize student’s lost papers.