Activity 03

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Make a Team Presentation (“Day 3”)

This page is for instructors and students.

Instructors: Scroll down to find guidelines and suggestions for “Activity 03” make a presentation day. This page outlines how to instruct an Activity 03 lesson.

Activity 03 Instructor Presentation

Teachers: In addition to significantly improving and reinforcing student-retention of science content through creation of a presentation. Oklahoma ELA standards include (10.7.W.2) “Students will create visual and/or multimedia presentations using a variety of media forms to enhance understanding of findings, reasoning, and evidence for diverse audiences.”

My experience with this activity combined with the next activity (Activity 04) provides for student accountability – to grasp and retain the science of any given topic. Initial student attempts to accomplish this activity are often cumbersome. That said, after several attempts (for multiple topics), students become reasonably adept at this.

3:01 Activity 03 Instructions

In small groups of two or three students, teams collaborate to make a topic-relevant presentation. Typically, this is a one day (one class-period) activity. First-time presentation makers might initially struggle to get going and complete their presentation. Usually, after just a few experiences in performing this activity, student teams are able to “divide and conquer” the tasks and achieve reasonably impressive results in a short period of time.

This activity presumes easy/convenient access to computer technology. Especially important is the availability of PowerPoint, Google’s presentation application, or another graphic/presentation application that is similar.

Students must be watchful of cut/paste plagiarism – and failing to appropriately cite information sources. Suggestions for these presentations include the usage of “learning objectives” toward the front of the presentation. Generally, these team-based, topic-centric presentations should resemble an “introduction-to” presentation about the topic.

While these presentations can take on many forms, a general rule-of-thumb is at least six slides and no more than twelve. The “science.template” provided below is in PowerPoint format.

Lesson 3 (or “Day 3”) Material

Schools with Limited Student Computers

  • A similar presentation assignment using poster board may serve the purpose.

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ELA Standards Emphasized

10.5.W.3 Students will practice their use of Standard American English, grammar, mechanics, and usage through writing, presentations, and/or other modes of communication to convey specific meanings and interests.

10.6.R.2 Students will synthesize the most relevant information from a variety of primary and secondary sources (e.g., print and digital), following ethical and legal citation guidelines.

10.7.W.2 Students will create visual and/or multimedia presentations using a variety of media forms to enhance understanding of findings, reasoning, and evidence for diverse audiences.

12.8.W Students will write independently over extended periods of time (e.g., time for research, reflection, and revision) and for shorter timeframes (e.g., a single sitting or a day or two), vary their modes of expression to suit audience and task, synthesize information across multiple sources, and articulate new perspectives.