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Year-End Capstone

Biology has always been the study of life, but our knowledge of living things and our use of technology to study them is always change. Earth is home to an incredible diversity of life – where all organisms share certain characteristics. Our biology topics have introduced and emphasized the unifying themes of biology: (1) All levels of life have systems of related parts. (2) Structure and function are related in biology. (3) Organisms must maintain homeostasis to survive in diverse environments. (4) Evolution explains the unity and diversity of life. The first set of topics summarized the big picture of biology and its relationships to other natural sciences. We covered important concepts such as the cell cycle, classifications of living things, and an introduction to the theory of evolution and natural selection. Additionally, some classes cover and emphasize selected 21st Century skills and various lab techniques. The remaining topics provided additional coverage of evolution and animals, the use and application of scientific models, lab dissection, and a cursory look at specialized fields of biology such as ecology, physiology, and cytology. All of this presented within the context of 21st Century skills and general scientific inquiry.

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