Chemistry 24

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Classifying Reactions

Many chemical reactions involving oxygen produce energy (heat). Such a combustion reaction typically results in a visible flame. Combustion reactions are a type of oxidation-reduction reactions (but, not all oxidation-reduction reactions result in combustion).  Synthesis (or, combination) reactions are another subclass of the oxidation-reduction class of reactions. Decomposition reactions are yet another subclass of oxidation-reduction reactions. Precipitation reactions and acid-base reactions are important categories of reactions that differ from oxidation-reduction reactions. Here, familiarity with types, classes, and subclasses of reaction types is emphasized, along with practice in the identification of these from a written formula.

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0:57 Five Reations

6:51 Types of Reactions – Classification of Chemical Reactions – CLEAR & SIMPLE

5:26 8.2 Classifying Chemical Reactions

5:38 How to Use Solubility Rules to Predict Precipitate Reactions – Mr. Causey’s Chemistry



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