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Using a Model to Describe Gases

While the most useful of the gas laws is the ideal gas equation, under certain conditions, gases do not obey the ideal gas equation. In particular, at high pressures and/or low temperatures, the properties of gases can deviate significantly from the predictions of the ideal gas equation. This topic begins to address what the characteristics of the individual gas particles are that influence a gas to behave as it does.

Lesson 1 (or “Day 1”) Material
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Lesson 4 (or “Day 4”) Material

The Ideal Gas Law: Crash Course Chemistry #12 (12 mins)

Explaining Gas Laws (10 mins)

5 Ideal Gas Law Experiments – PV=nRT or PV=NkT (11:20)



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  • Science & Engineering Practice: Analyze and interpret data.
  • Cross-Cutting Concept: Systems and System Models.