Chemistry 42

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Student Research (Solutions in Industry)

For the purpose of this topic, “solution” shall be defined as a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances in which the molecules or atoms of the substances are completely dispersed primarily in a liquid form at (or, near) atmospheric conditions. This topic is set aside for students to pursue their individual area of interest in regards to the overarching topic of “Solutions.” Students may choose from among the five areas listed here, or with instructor permission, pursue a different angle of solutions based on their individual interest. (1) Solutions in the healthcare-industry. (2) Solutions in the agricultural industry. (3) Solutions in the chemical/oil refining industry. (4) Solutions in the food industry. (5) Solutions in the environment.

Lesson 1 (or “Day 1”) Material
Lesson 2 (or “Day 2”) Material
Lesson 3 (or “Day 3”) Material
Lesson 4 (or “Day 4”) Material

6:37 Simple Distillation

4:05 Fractional Distillation | The Chemistry Journey | The Fuse School

9:46 Solutions


Compare Contrast and Debate

Background: The United States essentially stopped new construction of petroleum refineries in the early 1980s. This action stemmed from a complex set of economic and political forces. Especially with new discoveries of domestic crude oil, some believe it is time to build a few new/modernized refineries.

  • Position A: The historical reasons for shutting down new construction still make sense.
  • Position B: It is time to reconsider those outdated decisions and think about new refinery capacity.

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Instructor Emphasis:

  • Science & Engineering Practice: Plan and conduct investigations.
  • Cross-Cutting Concept: Cause and Effect: Mechanisms and explanations.