Chemistry 49

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End Year Capstone

Knowledge of chemistry is useful to almost everyone. Throughout this course, we have examined that chemistry occurs all around us – all of the time. This understanding and appreciation for chemistry is useful for a broad array of jobs and industries.  Chemistry is at the forefront and center of many important aspects of our daily lives. During this course, students encountered fundamentals of matter and the periodic table, formulas of compounds and solutions, calculation techniques, atoms and bonds, basics of gas, examinations of solids and solutions, as well as a handful of more advanced topics.

Because chemistry is involved with materials we use, energy sources we consume, control of diseases, food supply processes, medicines, and other aspects – chemistry bridges across the other natural sciences. Over this class-year, students have acquainted themselves with a new perspective of the universes microscopic world of wonder.  Perhaps most importantly, they have better prepared themselves for their own future.

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Notes and Notices

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