Lab 12

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Lab 12 – Diversity of Life

(1-Day Lab) Students invent fictional animals then compare and contrast the likelihood of each animal’s survival in differing environments. (This activity can be used with any class, but especially applies to Biology).

Lesson Material

Suggested Related Topics

This activity is a recommended topic enhancer for the following topics:

  • 24, 26 Biology (Theory of Evolution, Adaptations and Natural Selection)
  • 42, 43 Physical Science (Planet Earth I, Planet Earth II)
  • 48 Chemistry (Organic Chemistry)
  • 38 Earth Science (Land and Life)

Emphasis and Mapping

  • Lab Emphasis: Interpret Results
  • Science and Engineering Principal: Develop and use models.
  • Cross-Cutting Concept: Systems and System Models

Other Instructions

Instructions for the activity are provided on the first of four pages in the pdf file.

Here is an example for a fictional animal ..




  • Data gathering
  • Data measurement
  • Graphing and charting data
  • Interpret results