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Lab 28 – Cell Model

NOTE: This activity may require “prep-work” including the purchase of materials. Or, students may need to be assigned (requested) to bring some materials from home.

GRADE-LEVEL adjustments. Some variation of this activity is often performed in lower grades. Even so, with an elevated context this otherwise lower-grade activity can be adjusted to – and applicable to – high school students.

Example 1 of high-school modification

  • Create strands of differing DNA models (Lab 21) to represent more than one cell species.
  • Clarify this activity’s relationship to the STEM practice of developing and using models.
  • Discuss how this activity/model illustrates the cross-cutting concepts of scale, proportion and quantity.
  • Discuss how this activity illustrates structure and function.

Example 2 of high-school modification

  • Assign separate teams to create multiple animal cells – representing differentiation from stem cells to specialized cells.
  • Include requirements for a sequence illustrating mitosis.


This activity can vary from being “craft-like” to being a sophisticated set of requirements to illustrate complex ideas in cell theory. Explore the links provided here for inspiration.