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Wednesday July 1 – Geology Lab Instructions

6:27 Lab Instructions

Geology Lab – Instructions (how to do the assignment)

Geology Lab – Rock Property (research site)


Monday June 29 – Geology Introduction and Work Packet Instructions

MONDAY INSTRUCTIONS 7:11 Hello Good Students – Week 3!!


PDF files of Student Work Packets

Likely you do not need to launch these. These files are identical to the paper work packets distributed to you at the beginning of the program. If you have misplaced them, these will be helpful.

03-01 Geology Part 1

03-02 Geology Part 2

03-03 Geology Part 3

Natural History Museum – Interesting Web Site

Videos for Part 1

6:26 Layers of the Earth

3:27 The Mystery of the Earth’s Core Explained

2:44 How do we know an asteroid hit Earth 66 million years ago?


Videos for Part 2


3:23 Physical Science : Differences Between Rocks & Minerals

10:21 A Brief Introduction to Minerals

2:20 The Mohs Scale of Hardness Explained


Videos for Part 3

4:28 3 Types of Rocks and the Rock Cycle:

1:39 How Limestone Is Formed

3:39 hat is a metamorphic rock



You do not need to “turn-in” your student packets. You do need them, however.

The link below launches a Survey Monkey. Do not begin this without having all of your packets completed and in front of you. This survey can not be completed without having first done all of the student packets.

  • If you have completed the packets … this is reasonably straightforward to complete.
  • If you have not completed them … go back and complete them.

As an example … one of the questions might be “How can this information about maps impact your community?” There are questions associated with each work packet (Maps part 1 & 2, Weather, Geology part 1, 2 &3). This survey must be completed no later than 5:00 pm on Wednesday July 8. Surveys received after that time will be not be reviewed and will receive a failing for this assignment.

Student Evidence of Packet Completion – Survey Monkey (AFTER all student packets are completed).