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About This Curriculum


Explore over 20 psychology  topics, 150 interest areas, a comprehensive 15 chapter online, high quality texbook, and a 30-page printable student guide (pdf format). Psychology is a big subject that includes many different parts. Some parts of psychology study how people learn in school and how to help kids with learning or behavior problems. Other parts help people with their feelings and mental health. There is also a part that helps businesses make better ads and a part that studies how people drive – even answers legal questions.

Many people who study psychology don’t become psychologists because it takes a lot of education and a tough test to become one. However, learning about psychology can help you understand yourself and others better.

You don’t have to become a psychologist to benefit from a psychology class or a psychology degree.

All types of psychology want to help people by making them feel better, helping them learn, or improving their work. They use scientific research to make intelligent decisions, work with people to identify problems, and understand that everyone is different.

Teaching Upward Bound chemistry with awesome young people!

Teaching and Education. One interesting psychology discipline is educational psychology. It is the study of how people learn in school. It examines how different teaching methods affect reading skills and why people learn differently in various situations. School psychologists play a pivotal role in student success with their unique skill set. These professionals, well-versed in child development and learning, conduct comprehensive assessments of students’ academic performance. They provide valuable guidance to teachers and parents and devise strategies to enhance students’ learning outcomes.

Playing at my hometown in Kansas

Psychology is also concerned with personal well-being. Taking care of our minds and bodies is important for our overall health. Clinical psychology is the part of psychology that helps people with their feelings and mental health. They use scientific research to understand and treat mental illnesses.

For me, playing the guitar and singing, is one way to improve the well-being. There are hundreds of hobbies and interests that people can do in addition to their jobs or other obligations. Finding a way to contribute to other people’s well-being can help with one’s own image of themself. Having alone time is important for a lot of us. Being able to chill with our own thoughts or reading a good book, for example, helps with well-being too!

My companion – Georgia!

Businesses use psycholoogy too! Psychology is used in other ways also. Industrial and Organizational (I/O) psychology is used to help businesses thrive. This curriculum includes ways psychology applies in a wide range of disciplines. Before teaching, I spent about 30 years helping clients improve their businesses. Often, trying to make changes in a business results in resistance from workers. Helping companies “navigate change” is called organizatonal change management.

A wonderful career track for some young people would be in marketing, advertising, or management consulting. All of these professional disciplines benefit from understanding people – and the psychology of people.

My hope for those using this website is to challenge themselves to be “more than a job title” … help others become the best version of themselves while doing the same for yourself. You know YOU better than anyone else does. Psychology can help you understand YOU even better!

Thank you for using this free website. Please share it with others.


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