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About Our Virtual Textbooks Collectively, the hyperlinks presented in each of our virtual high school science textbooks provide an alternate to a traditional high school science textbooks. General disclaimer: Web pages change without notice. Links were compiled summer of 2018 and may no longer be valid. Users of these links are advised to additionally and separately search key words within the topic using a trusted web-search engine. Also note: Reading text online is NOT identical as a learning method to paper-based reading from a textbook. Generally, paper-based text is a slightly superior learning tool. In particular, Mangen et. al. say that this is because paper gives “spatio-temporal markers while you read.” Touching paper and turning pages aids the memory, making it easier to remember where you read something. Having to scroll on the computer screen makes remembering more difficult. Reference 1 Reference 2 More ideally, these linked web pages provide for an additional resource to supplement student reading from a traditional high […]

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Eclipse Pinhole Viewer

Pinhole Viewer for Eclipse Re: August 21 eclipse event (at Keota High School). To: Keota High School Teachers and Staff From: John Honeycutt, Teacher My wife (Jennifer) and I have assembled a few dozen pinhole viewers for our Keota high school students to experience – assuming their instructor (and others) approve and supervise. I will be located near/around the outside basketball court beginning 12:35 (after lunch) on Monday, August 21. Rules: The first rule of enjoying the eclipse is to never look directly at the sun. Certainly never look at the sun through a telescope or binoculars without proper filters. Even when most of the sun’s surface is blocked during the partial phases of a solar eclipse, the remaining, visible crescent is intensely bright and cannot be safely viewed without eye proper protection. While some teachers may have appropriate eye wear for students – I will not be providing this. I will only be providing “Old School” pinhole viewers. What […]

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Welcome to Honeycutt Science This site provides learning content for high school science students. While you can find the following information elsewhere on this site – this page is designed to quickly acquaint new students with this web site. We suggest you review three things to get started. Watch the introductory 4-minute video (included below). Download, save, and read the Student Handbook. Review the Lessons Examples web page.

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