Activity 05

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Enrichment (“Day 5”)

This page provides suggestions and guidelines for teachers. This page outlines how to instruct a “Day 5” lesson.

This enrichment activity page serves as an index of sorts. The intention here is to provide variations of instruction delivery from one week to another. Enrichment can be (and should be) provided to students throughout the year, and within most (if not all) topics delivered.

Setting aside an “enrichment day” during any given week or topic affords the instructor more flexibility in adapting this curriculum to the student needs. On somewhat of a rotating basis, the enrichment activities will ideally include ELA-oriented work, relevant science-math practice and enhancement; STEM projects; model-making; science labs and hands-on activities, creative endeavors relevant to a topic; critical thinking exercises, and cross-curriculum teaching.

Enrich. “Day 5” is broadening or deepening content through labs, models, ELA, or STEM activities.