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Welcome to Earth Science

It’s about our home.

This web site provides free-to-use Earth science curriculum for high school teachers, students, and parent-guardians. Earth science is sometimes called geoscience. It is a widely embraced term for the fields of science related to the planet Earth. Earth science and space science have a great deal of overlap. Earth science is a branch of planetary science.

The Earth sciences includes several sub-disciplines such as geology, hydrology, and weather.

Oklahoma standards include emphasis on space science: Oklahoma Earth Space Science Standards

Emerging disciplines of study include ecologyhydrologyglaciology, and  climatology.

Earth scientists use tools from many disciplines.  Geography, physics, soil science, chemistry, biology, and mathematics are each an important part in fully understanding Earth science.

This site provides over 40 Earth Science’s topics. While content provided may be used as stand-alone material, ideally each topic will serve as a supplement to school-provided textbooks and other reference material.

Suggested Resources:
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Earth and Space

In what way does Earth fit into the bigger picture of our solar system, galaxy, and beyond?

Geologic History

What is the history of our planet? In what way is our planet different today than thousands or millions of years ago? What clues and evidence are used by scientists to discover more about our planet?

Natural Resources

In what way should we consume and care-for our natural resources? Why are resources abundant in some regions and scarce in others?

Take the Journey

Earth Science is a fascinating subject. Explore more about the discipline of this science, historical perspectives, connections to other sciences, and modern understanding of the place we all call home.

Welcome to Earth Science!
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