CASC Upward Bound Earth Science

Upward Bound 2020




General Information

From me to you …

Review the cover letter sent to your home – from me to you.

Each week, we will cover a new topic. These virtual learning topics use Google tools:

  • Google Classroom
  • Google Doc, Sheet, & Slide
  • Google Meet
  • Student email (personal, gmail, or CASC issued)

Find  additional instructions in your email. If you have difficulty connecting or understanding the instructions you may directly contact me – or, contact your advisor. Text me if other ways fail. Make sure to include your name on any text message to me. My phone number has a Dallas/Fort Worth area code – so it may look kind of WEIRD. 972.533.9418.


Related Science Topics

Topics listed here ARE NOT part of the Upward Bound Summer 2020 program. However, some students might enjoy exploring more about Earth – or, about other related science topics. 

Selected Physical Science Topics

Selected Life Science Topics