Biology 1

Summer 2021

High School biology 1 draws from life science concepts developed in lower grades with particular emphasis in cells.

The 2021 summer program began June 6. Two separate 2-week sessions took place with about 50 total students each session – or, 100 total students, combined. Students were approximately evenly divided between the three science subjects offered. In addition to science, students participated in other core high school subjects (math and English language arts).

Science courses included this one (Biology 1) as well as Biology 2 and Chemistry.


Module 1 – What is Biology?

Module 2 – Prokaryotic & Eukaryotic Cells

Module 3 – Cells & Organelles

Module 4 – Botany (Plants)

Module 5 – Zoology (Animals)

Module 6 – Cell Division

Module 7 – Lab Activity: Using a Light Microscope

Module 8 – Class Wrap Up

Instructor Material

Biology I Day 01

Biology I Day 02

Biology I Day 03

Biology I Day 04

Biology I Day 05

Biology I Day 06

Biology I Day 07

Biology I Day 08

Student Handouts

Biology I Lesson 01

Biology I Lesson 02

Biology I Lesson 03

Biology I Lesson 04

Biology I Lesson 05

Biology I Lesson 06

Biology I Lesson 07

Biology I Lesson 08

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These lessons (modules) were developed for the Upward Bound program hosted by Carl Albert State College. Content provided below was developed by John A. Honeycutt. Much of the material was modified from existing material – primarily available through the worldwide web, or from materials previously created by John Honeycutt. See Terms of Use for how to use this material.

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2021 UBMS: John A. Honeycutt, Instructor