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Find STEM supplements, science labs, bell ringers and quick-class material.

This web site provides free-to-use curriculum for high school teachers, students, and parent-guardians. Many classroom activities here are substantial, stand-alone teaching and learning modules to enhance core curriculum. In some instances assignments and material in this section of might be viewed as “extra” – to add variety, to provide substitute teacher material, or even bell-ringer material. While some activities look-and-feel like a typical topic in a core subject area – others diverge from this approach. Many of these activities are useful to print as bell ringers, exit tickets, make-up work, or in-school suspension assignments.


Supplements & Integrated Assignments

STEM Emphasized
English & Language Arts Emphasized

HS Quick-Class™ Material

21st Century Skills Activities
Practice Tests
Cross Subject Curriculum (Science and …)
40’s Quick Substitute Work
  • Activity 41 Quick Substitute (Phys Sci)
  • Activity 42 Quick Substitute (Biology)
  • Activity 43 Quick Substitute (Earth Sci)
  • Activity 44 Quick Substitute (Chemistry Sci)

Filler-Fun Short Assignments

  • Activity 60 Word Search
  • Activity 61 Cross Word
  • Activity 62 Logic Puzzles
  • Activity 63 Visual Search
  • Activity 64 Word Matching

Special Notes

Idea/Suggestion: Print and use these assignments for planned or unplanned instructor absences. Many of these are similar in format and execution to the core subject areas. These vary from the core subjects in that often the material is sufficiently applicable to all four core subjects. These assignments and material can help minimize the complexity of providing substitute teachers with suitable work for multiple (and differing) class sessions.