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Honeycutt Books

Author, John Honeycutt, currently serves as a middle school math teacher. He developed and used this curriculum with high school science students. He is a former petrophysicist and geologist. The majority of his professional career has been as a human capital management consultant building workforce training programs for several of the largest and best-respected global organizations. This work draws from those experiences. The workbooks listed below are an optional supplement to free curriculum available at this site (HoneycuttScience.com).

High School Workbooks

NOTE: These are NOT required purchases to make full use of the topics/content on this site. Rather, these may simplify the process by reducing the need to print handouts. Instructors will find these pages as pdf files on “Day 1” in the core topics listed as “Day 1 Student Handout” … also, free downloads of the entire workbooks are available below.

Physical Science
Earth Science
  • 1st Semester – Earth “Day 1” intro
  • 2nd Semester – not yet available
Reading Note Capture Book

Free Downloads of 1st semester “Day 1” handouts

Use these to view prior to purchase of the books (above). Or, download and print one copy per student.

  • Physical Science (free download to view before purchasing book)
  • Biology (free download to view before purchasing book)
  • Chemistry (free download to view before purchasing book)
  • Earth Science (free download to view before purchasing book)

Elementary Illustrated STEM Tales

These wacky tales introduce one physical science topic each. Following the highly illustrated, silly story – readers will find the “real science” described in a few pages and/or high-graphic illustrations. These are written at a 3rd-4th grade reading level. These are appropriate night-time readers for younger children, and can be used by older students as a catalyst for further investigation into a relevant science topic. A subtle, underlying message is woven into each story – such as “curiosity”, “perseverance”, or “team work and collaboration.”

Kinetic energyThe Crazy Kinetics self-confidence

The water cycleStubborn Thirsty Jim perseverance

The moon cycleAnkak, the Pup and the Moon courage

PlanetsMiki Marble problem solving

GravityGoldilocks (Sort-of) scientific prediction

ErosionEnots friendship

DensityThe Hatgrams and McCubes conflict resolution

The six basic toolsNofunland had a Party collaboration

Student Created Books

PlanetsThe Adventures of Cob and Adobe friendship

ChemistryJenny Don’t Burn Nova and Craig! friendship

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