Activity 24

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Construct a List & Matrix

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Using the web article provided, make a meaningful list associated with the article. Make a list of six or more important points. Once completed, design a meaningful matrix based on the list.

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Browse assigned web article.
  2. Break-down article into small subjects.
  3. Compile six or more small subjects.
  4. Make them into a list with smart headings.
  5. Design a matrix using list items.
  6. Make the matrix 2 columns x 3 rows or more.
  7. Give a meaningful title to the matrix.

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Example List & Example Matrix


General Instructions

The matrix should have a minimum of two columns and three rows. A meaningful heading (title) must be given to the matrix. Evaluate items from your list as a source for populating the cells in your matrix.

Time permitting, a two or three column numerical-based matrix might be designed – especially if the web article lends itself to doing so.

View these List Examples (pdf).

View these Matrix Examples (pdf).

Other Resources on this Site

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External Resources

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Standards for Activity

Science and engineering practices

This activity develops student skills in four of the eight science and engineering practices. Students identify, review, analyze information from a web article. Students create (develop) a matrix based on that information. Students communicate the information in the form of a graphical representation/summary of the information.

  • Analyze and interpret data
  • Develop and use models
  • Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information

Cross-cutting Concepts

This activity supports student skills in three of the seven crosscutting concepts. Each matrix created by students has the potential to illustrate one or more of these concepts:

  • Patterns *
  • Systems and System Models *
  • Structure and Function *