Business and Marketing

This course was offered through CASC Upward Bound program in summer 2019.

Topic Overview

(00) Syllabus

(00) Pretest

(00) Overview handout worksheet

(00) End of class poster awards (pdf)

Supply Chain Processes

(01) BUY introduction

(02) MAKEĀ  introduction

(03) MOVE introduction

(04) STORAGE intoduction

(05) SELL introduction

Student Worksheets

The Big Picture

(00) Supply Chain (understand)

(00) Supply Chain (critical thinking)

Buy (purchasing)

(01) BUY (understand)

(01) BUY (critical thinking)

Make (manufacturing)

(02) MAKE (understand)

(02) MAKE (critical thinking)

Move (logistics and transportation)

(03) MOVE (understand)

(03) MOVE (critical thinking)

Store (storage and warehousing)

(04) STORE (understand)

(04) STORE (critical thinking)

Sell (sales amd marketing)

(05) SELL (understand)

(05) SELL (critical thinking)

Supply chain management

  • Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • B2B and B2C
  • Post test
  • Marketing 4-Ps
  • Price, Product
  • Promotion, Placement

Week 3

  • Pretest and Overview
  • Paychecks and employee expectations
  • Personal Bank Accounts and Checking Accounts
  • Credit, Credit Cards and Debit Cards

Long Form Student Printouts

These printouts combine the “Read” and “Think” student worksheets into one, longer printout. These also begin with a video summary section not included with the student worksheets.

(00) SCM long form (introduction)

(01) BUY longform (introduction)

(02) MAKEĀ  long form (introduction)

(03) MOVE long form (introduction)

(04) STORE long form (intoduction)

(05) SELL long form (introduction)

  • Marketing 4-Ps
  • Price, Product
  • Promotion, Placement
  • Post test