Biology 30

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Second Half Kickoff

Student behavioral expectations and participation requirements continue in effect for the remainder of the school year. Biology concepts to be covered include additional coverage of evolution and animals, the use and application of scientific models, lab dissection, along with a cursory look at specialized fields of biology and a deeper review of the cell and heredity.

Typically, this “topic” follows a return from December break. The classroom instructor should review behavioral expectations, classroom procedure, individual responsibilities, and a high-level review of topics previously covered.


Day 1 – Introduction

Specific “bell-work” activities such as Write a Letter or Venn Diagram analysis may be appropriate to re-introduce and assist some students who otherwise struggle with those activities and goals.

Emphasize Skills

Introduce or reinforce the importance of 21st Century Skills, as well as Lab Techniques.

  • Teach an Activity (go)
  • Teach a 21st Century Skill (go)
  • Teach a Lab Technique (go)

Special Notes and Notices

This topic offers a wide-variety of instruction options. The overall intention here is to re-establish classroom norms, set-the-table for what’s upcoming, and possibly offer-up an intervention in one or more skills areas such as reading complex text, presenting, infusing creative processes in learning, etc.

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