Chemistry 31

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Atoms and Energy

Atoms are the small building blocks of all existing substances. They are so tiny that we can’t even observe with our naked eye. Atom is made up of a nucleus, which has protons and neutrons. And there are electrons circling around the nucleus in orbitals. Atoms can emit and receive energy. When atoms receive energy, they become excited. Atoms can also release energy by emitting light. Emitted energy is carried away by a photon.

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6:20 The Bohr Atom

1:41 Atoms: Energy in the Atom

5:17 Nuclear Energy Explained: How does it work? 1/3

21:36 he Science Behind the Silicon Solar Cell


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Notes and Notices

Instructor Emphasis:

  • Science & Engineering Practice: Use mathematical and computational thinking.
  • Cross-Cutting Concept: Stability and Change.