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Heat and Temperature

Often we think that heat and temperature are the same thing. However, this is not the case. Heat and temperature are related to each other, but are different concepts. Heat is the total energy of molecular motion in a substance. Temperature is a measure of the average energy of molecular motion in a substance.

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6:47 Science for Kids: Heat Energy Video

2:45 What’s the Difference between Heat and Temperature?

3:24 Heat Transfer: Conduction, Convection, and Radiation


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Instructor Emphasis:

  • Science & Engineering Practice: Analyze and interpret data.
  • Cross-Cutting Concept: Energy and Matter: Flows, cycles, and conservation.
Standards Concepts

Energy can be seen in multiple ways and be used to accomplish goals by building machines that capture and use that energy. These machines will transfer one type of energy to another form until a balance between the amounts of the different forms of energy is reached.

  • Thermal energy of an object is associated with the disordered motions of its atoms or molecules and the number and types of atoms or molecules of which the object is made.